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The Shift (Step 2)


Life accelerates when you are in your element. When you understand your own personal blueprint, you will begin to make choices that make you feel more alive and make goals that continue to make you feel great.

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You must complete a full hand analysis (Step 1) as a prerequisite before starting this process.

A curious process happens when your whole life pattern is revealed to you. Like a two edged sword – you will recognize that every aspect of your life has both a negative and positive side that drives it. Carl Jung discovered through a process called individuation, that when we go through the shadow side with kindness, your life becomes freed up with a beautiful sense of choice, renewal, passion and love. This is a life changing process. A spiritual breakthrough is guaranteed and can be compared to a transcendental e. A renewed sense of freedom to pursue your dreams.

This is a two session process:

  1. First 2-hour session will be the breakthrough as we review your negative patterns with kindness and let them go. This will create a new opening for 3 days to visualize a life of meaning from a place of spiritual freedom and put it into pictures.
  2. Second 2-hour session will be the design of a whole new life and review of the design of your life. We will make an assessment of every aspect of your life that creates the reality you live in and an action plan to fulfill it.

This service is 100% guaranteed to provide a breakthrough or your money back.


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