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2.5 hour Skype Hand Analysis (Step 1)


A full review of the architecture of your personality shown by the hand shape and lines, and core desires shown in advanced marking and fingerprints to reveal your complete life pattern.

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Where do you want your destiny to go?

This is a required step before proceeding to any other readings. The moment you complete the steps below, the wheels will start turning. You’ll already start to get in touch with a new vital direction of what is possible for your life. Why this is powerful is we expose the stream in full view of what the currents running through you and what you are doing to block it. With this energy, you will be pulled into a new, more fulfilling direction in your life. And I am 100% confident I will help you make an amazing result. Get ready. Your life is about to take off.

In a 1.5 hour hand reading, we cover the following:

  • Your elemental archetype energy and what it means in your life ahead (revealed by your hand shape)
  • Your biggest dilemma revealed by the competing energies in your hand, and how you will overcome and triumph over this (see testimonials below) .
  • Your relationship style and ideal partner (shown by your heart line)
  • What talents are dying to get out and expressed. (shown by the minor line formations)
  • Your life purpose and greatest dream to achieve (revealed by your fingerprints)

Yes, expect a breakthrough. This will be a complete reset from anything you know about hand reading, and will bring you squarely in a wonderful new fulfilling movie in your life. If you believe you did not get at least double your money’s worth, I am happy to refund you.

Please click Add to Cart (above) and then follow the directions below here to schedule the hand reading.

Step 1. Send a hi-res photo of your hands in the *sun*

Please use a high res camera outside in full sun; take pictures of your hands in full, both sides and back. Then zoom in on your fingerprints and your thumbs separately and take photos of your fingerprints. Make sure your fingerprints are in focus.You may have thin ‘water’ skin so be sure to zoom in enough so I can see the loops, the individual ridges and triangles on the side of your fingerprint. Hand prints in ink are also accepted. In the end I should have 10 fingerprints to review. fingerprints

Step 2. Choose the best time.

I live in Zurich, Switzerland. Since I’m writing a book, I am open for evening readings from 8pm-10pm M-F and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. Please block a full hour and half with no interruptions and e-mail me three potential times that would work for you. Send an email with your handprints to info@newhandreading.com and I will confirm our appointment. If the pictures are too large, you can send them via www.wetransfer.com.

Step 3. Get mentally prepared.

Getting your hand reading done is unlike anything you will go through. Almost all people have experienced a massive breakthrough in the way they perform and have experienced a renewed energy. This is possible as we look at the essential building blocks of your personality and determine what stops you. Please answer for yourself the following four questions. (but don’t send the answers to me, as we will discover the answers naturally).

  1. What is your biggest dream to achieve? (heavy question, but awesome to think about. I can see this in your fingerprints developed three months before you’re born).
  2. What is a dilemma you’ve struggled with where one part of you wants to go one direction and another part wants to go another and the 2 seem totally incompatible? I can see this in the hand because I know the competing energies that are formed by the shape and lines. With this I can form a creative vision of life where the many sides of you can have equal expression delivering an immense creative unleashed freedom within you. When they don’t, you operate on one cylinder.
  3. What would you say is your biggest strength and talent? The talents you have indicate a side that works as a wonderful strategy to achieve your soul purpose. Placing this in the center of your life will give your life story wheels. Otherwise, you will feel off track and the image of your life will be a shade darker.
  4. What would you say is your life lesson? What is the loose wheel on your shopping cart that doesn’t seem to want to go with the others? It’s a place you always overlook and tend to avoid because dealing with it always seems to be a waste of time. But neglecting this area sabotages the very life you wish to achieve. Intellectually you know this, but you still repeat the same mistakes in many different forms. I can see this in your fingerprints and the inevitable consequence of being beautiful you. Together I will show you a new strategy on how you can be kind to this side and still allow it to grow. It is in fact, the clutch in your life. See you on the other side.


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